Pointers and the Moon

A Poem

Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash

Look in the sky!
I point towards the moon
It shines so brightly tonight
I take that as a universal boon

See how it illuminates
My eyes from within
A reflection of amazement
My face a joyous grin

You smile so calmly
What’s the matter, my friend
Asks a curious onlooker
Trying to comprehend

Look, at the moon!
It is shining so bright
I point in the sky
Basking in the gentle light

Unaware of the moon’s radiance
My companion seems confused
Lost in thought
He looks at my finger bemused

I point enthusiastically
Trying to direct his attention
Oblivious to the moon’s brilliance
He continues looking in the wrong direction

Grasping my finger tight
He is fascinated by the pointing sign
Despite all my attempts
He refuses to resign

I bestow him the pointer
Hoping he looks up soon
Though an opportunity has been missed
There will always be a new moon

For those who have eyes to see
Here is wisdom’s commonsense
Pointers and the moon
One must know the difference

Asim Nori

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