The Mind Is a Dangerous Place

Why the body is the centre of truth and transformation

Photo by Federica Giusti on Unsplash

The Mind is the only place in the universe where falsehood can live.

The body doesn’t lie. It can’t. It has a straightforwardness and a sincerity.

It lacks the capacity to become complicit in what it doesn’t want to do.

This is unnerving to the mind.

We only suffer with our own mind’s consent.

This is not an injunction to stop getting in your own way or beating yourself up all the time.

Since there is no entity within you that has the power to “stop.”

In this communication between me and you, there is no lever my words can pull to make you take the “stopping” action. There is only the lever of making you more nervous and tense about the fact that you continue to get in your own way.

My words are more like a spotlight than a teacher.

You walk through the dark, you shine the light and see the wolf hiding in the grass.

The light does not supply the best next step.


In Eugene Gendlin’s book ‘Focusing,’ he presents a new model of talk therapy. You talk to wake up the body’s emotion-sensory system. You arrive at a particularly charged sentence, then you allow yourself to feel the currents of the charge. You do not analyze them. And (generally) you do not move on, you stay silent, until the energy dies down a bit.

Change is happening, and it does not require your interference.

How easily we forget that planets move, hearts beat, and consciousness arises, all without the stewardship of humans.