Each Second Is Equally Important

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On The Value Of Time

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Each second is equally important,

The time you spend standing in line to get into a stadium to watch your favourite team play is equally important as the time you spend watching the game.

The time you spend on the road to reach your vacation destination is equally important as the time you spend on the destination.

Do not overlook this equality of value.

Do not make up your own theory and start giving some moments a special importance.

Reconsider your plan if you are going to spend long hours in a waiting line to watch a short-timed event.

Reconsider your plan if you are going to be stuck in traffic for hours before reaching your vacation destination.

In short, don’t pass a lot of time to enjoy for a short time.

Passing time is a habit that doesn’t go away easily.

Realize that being present and aware each second of your life is the ultimate vacation.

Being present while cooking will make every dish your favourite dish.

Being present while cooking is the path to becoming an outstanding chef.

Being present while eating will make you appreciate every dish.

Being present while eating is the path to developing a sense of different flavours.

Passing time is not about not utilizing time, it is not about not being productive,

It is just that you have forgotten that you have limited time on this planet.

You are more close to your grave than you were a moment ago.

Hence, each second is equally important.

You cannot keep making the same mistakes, and fall into the same pits.

For it is not about repeating the mistake, but about the tremendous amount of time lost in the process.

Time that is equally important to the time of someone not making the same mistake again.

Therefore, fill each moment with awareness, knowing that the one who skips the present moment skips life.